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Black country Services offer a complete carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning service utilising only a professional cleaning system and offer the service for homes and business premises alike. Our cleaning service is highly effective and uses foam and high-powered spray extraction.

A specialised foam is sprayed from the machine under pressure deep into the bottom of the carpet where it releases buried dirt, dust and grime in seconds.

This solution is then immediately sucked up by the powerful vacuum of the machine preventing the carpet-backing from becoming too wet.

The results:

  • Your carpet is dry in 2 hours
  • Your carpet is hygienically clean
  • Allergens produced by household mites are reduced
  • The pile is beautifully restored, and the colours appear brighter
  • An invisible film covering helps prevent re-soiling

Unlike other professional cleaners, we know one-solution cleaning is impossible, because different stains attach themselves in different ways to carpet fibres, rugs and upholstery and require specific solutions for effective removal.

Some of the different types of stain we can help with include:

  • Sticky and oily stains, such as motor oil or mascara
  • Liquid and oily stains, such as salad dressing
  • Pet puddles, nappy overflows or incontinence accidents
  • Neutralising odours from carpets and upholstery

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